In recent years, the national environment protection department has gradually raised the discharge standards of wastewater. Some wastewater treatment plants need to be modified from existing water treatment structures. They have even added subsequent deep treatment processes to achieve the goal of meeting emissions or water reuse targets. Upgrading and reconstruction has become a more and more urgent requirement for wastewater treatment plants.
            In order to meet the increasingly strict requirements of domestic wastewater treatment standards, based on the existing product technology, we put forward the system solutions of urban wastewater treatment plants. It has achieved a more efficient improvement of the discharge standards at a lower cost of investment. This not only meets the level A standard in the Discharge standard of pollutants for municipal wastewater treatment plant, but also provides a forward-looking preparation for more strict discharge standards in the future.
          The solution of this system integrates various functions of physical intercepted suspended solids (SS), chemical micro-flocculation phosphorus removal (TP) and biological de-nitrification and nitrogen removal (TN). It has flexible and advanced technology, strong impact resistance and simple operation & maintenance. It is mainly applied to the upgrading and reconstruction of wastewater treatment plant and the reuse of water.

Technological characteristics
1.Moving cloth and water sedimentation tank:
          Its technology breaks through all kinds of previous sedimentation tanks’ technology. It has a change of "quality" in streamlines, fluidity, water distribution mode, water collection mode and conditions of solid-liquid separation in the process of sedimentation. It can significantly improve the size of the tank, the covered area, the coordination with the front structures and the sedimentation efficiency.
2.De-nitrification filter:
           In an eddy current mixer, the flow produces a strong eddy current that results in the differential mixing and mixing of chemicals, water and air. The flocculants was injected into the entrance of the raw water pipe which was near the reaction zone by a bypass injection pipe. Flocculants are injected at the maximum turbulence intensity of raw water flow, at which time it is most easy to mix with raw water rapidly.

TechFilter efficient vertical fiber cloth filter:
1.The water quality of effluent is stable and good, and the effluent SS is no more than 5mg/L, TN is less than 3mg/L and TP is less than 0.3mg/L.
2.It has strong impact resistance, which can withstand SS from 80 mg /L to 100mg /L. And the head loss is small, which is only 0.2-0.3m.
3.The equipment is simple and compact, with less supporting equipment and small foot print, which is only a quarter of the average rapid cloth filter.
4.Operation & maintenance is simple and convenient. It can realize continuous and automatic operation.
5.It has special customized filter cloth, which adopts directional orderly fiber material, and the filtering effect is good.
6.Its running energy consumption is low, and the average power consumption of a ton of water is less than 0.0001KWh.
7.The filter adopts standardized and modular design with high installation precision and strong expansibility.
8.It uses professional backwash system design. Interval time is prolonged, and the water consumption is low, at the same time the quantity of backwash water is far less than 1%.