In recent years, with the rapid development of China's urban economy, the discharge of urban wastewater has been increasing continuously. As a result of the large number of pollutants into the river, it results in seasonal or year-round black and smelly water. The black odorous water not only brings the extremely bad sense experience to people, but also directly affects the water environment problems of people’s production and life.
Main causes of "black odorous" river:
1.The organic pollution load of water is too large, which is beyond the self-cleaning capacity of river.
2.Pollution and re-suspension of sediment.
3.The construction of urban river’s sludge interception pipe is not perfect.
System solution of black odorous water treatment
1.According to the pollution situation and water quality situation of river, the suction boat or the suction dredger are used to separate the pollutants first;
2.Pollutants or sediment have consolidated (Mechanical dehydration scheme or geotube consolidation scheme can be adopted). After dehydration, it can be used for engineering soil, garden soil, building materials, and so on;
3.We can use IDOC native diatom technology to restore the complete ecological food chain in the river and gradually purify and repair the water body. Through combined treatment, we can thoroughly solve river pollution and maintain ecological health.

        After the sludge transported to the shore, which is excavated by the dredger, it is processed by the garbage sorting equipment and the sand water separation equipment, then it enters the sludge thickening equipment. The sludge thickening equipment can be treated by gravity thickener or multi plate screw thickener according to the project situation. The sludge moisture content is reduced to below 90%. We can also carry out chemical treatment on the sludge with high organic matter content and difficulty to dehydrate. The treated sludge is pumped to a special quick press or a special screw press for dredging in rivers and lakes for rapid dehydration. The tail water is returned to the water body or the tube after being settled and filtered.

1.TCSD rapid dehydration
2.TCYZ-HD deep dehydration
3.Directional expansion technology of IDOC native diatom - water ecological restoration
4.TCGD consolidation treatment scheme - dredging, conditioning, curing

Core equipment
1.Garbage sorting equipment
2.Sand and gravel separation equipment
3.Special screw press for dredging in rivers and lakes
4.Special quick press for dredging in rivers and lakes
6.Sludge thickening equipment