KS Fast Filter Press
KS series fast filter press, which is a high-efficiency solid-liquid separation filtration equipment, was independently developed by Techase with working together with Tongji University. This equipment which improves the plate frame structure of traditional filter press offers a plurality of integration advantages, such as low investment cost, high work efficiency, large dehydration pressure, small footprint, good separation performance, simple operation and maintenance, etc. The high pressure filter press eliminates the need for additional secondary pressurization equipment or membrane inflation medium, and has a large compression ratio, direct force, high pressure, short working cycle, and production efficiency equivalent to 3 to 4 times that of the conventional membrane filter press.

Techase’s KS fast filter press can be widely used in a huge variety of different applications, from sludge dewatering sections of municipal WWTP, water treatment plant, to industrial solid liquid separation occasions, etc.
  • Municipal Waste Sludge Dewatering
  • Food Industry
  • Brewery Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Coal & Mine Industry
  • Printing And Dyeing Industry
  • Papermaking Industry
  • Channel Cleanout
  • Other Industries
  • Features:
    1.   Continuous Sludge Feeding and Filtration Operation
    2.   Pulsed Press, Producing Instantaneous High Pressure and Pressure Gradient
    3.   Rigid High Pressure Filter Plate
    4.   New Air Blowing Cake Washing Method
    Technological Advantages:
  • High Filtration Pressure
  • Short Working Cycle
  • Reduce Footmark By 30%
  • Invisible Flow Design
  • Less Auxiliary Facilities
  • High Automation Level
  • High Pressure Plunger Pump
  • Resistant To Wear And Corrosion
  • High Efficiency, Low Energy Consumption
  • Short Feeding Time, Low Maintenance Cost
  • Low Operating Cost
  • Only Need To Replace Filter Cloth