In some lakes with high eutrophication, cyanobacteria often erupt on a large scale, which not only seriously pollutes the water, but also inevitably consumes the oxygen in the water, causing the death of fish and aquatic plants in large areas. In addition to the treatment of eutrophic water bodies, the current treatment technology is also used to remove cyanobacteria artificially to reduce the consumption of oxygen in it. Since cyanobacteria have an inner cyst, the cavity in the cyst stores water. Therefore, in the process of fishing and filtering cyanobacteria, the water stored in it will be remained intact. The inside of the filtered cyanobacteria still contains a lot of water, which is bound to increase the unit volume and weight of it. It not only affects the fishing and filtration efficiency of cyanobacteria, but also increases the transportation cost and consumes too many transportation resources. Therefore, our company has developed a cyanobacteria dewatering machine for the treatment of cyanobacteria, which is mainly used in the areas where cyanobacteria occur in blooms.

1.It adopts special shaft for 
2.It needs to be combined with special flocculants for cyanobacteria.
3.It is suitable for the structure design of the ship, and meets the operation mode of salvage and treatment of cyanobacteria at the same time.